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COVIDCARD Verification System

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No personally identifable information is stored on this website.

Visit or for information about our COVIDCARD Laminated and Verified Vaccination Wallet Card system.

Blue Planet Access

The QR Code you scanned has taken you to this verification site, meaning that the card contains the correct QR Code for verification of the vaccination card.

The QR Code also includes a 12 to 16 digit serial number that we have generated for individual card verification.

The individual card verification system is currently under construction and should be available September 1, 2021.

Only Authorized Users may log into the system:

NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFABLE INFORMATION IS STORED ON THIS WEBSITE. Verification includes the first name, first and last character of the last name, the person's date of birth and the issuance date of the card.

Due to the massive amount of spamming of comment forms, guest books and message forums, in addition to email, Blue Planet's security forms are in a secure area requiring a log-in, plus all communications with this site are encrypted with better than 256-bit SSL.

When the login box appears:

Enter images for User Name.

Enter images as the password.

You will then be in a secure area to create your account, edit your information, obtain customer information and request contact.

GO TO REGISTRATION FORM (If you purchased a retail version.)

Compliance: BPRX.US complies with Code of Federal Regulations Part II Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Secretary, 45 CFR Parts 160, 162, and 164, Health Insurance Reform: Security Standards; Final Rule. However, no personally identifiable medical information is available on this site and under the HIPAA security standards this site and Blue Planet Security Corporation is exempt from the requirements. Nevertheless, Blue Planet Security has taken a number of steps to make certain that this site and its information is secure. All form information submitted on this site is encrypted by Secure SSL and is further encrypted before transmission.

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